Professional touch-up application

Fender bender? Opened your door against one of those yellow concrete posts? Front bumper scrapes on the bottom from visually deceptive parking spots? Accidental roof rack usage? Or, worst yet, malicious keying? 

With any luck, we can save you a trip to the body shop by replacing the paint that has been damaged. We accomplish this by wet-sanding the peaks and valleys, buffing the paint, and then filling in the defect with color-matched touch-up paint.  


Per painted panel

Damaged front bumper
repaired front bumper

How it works

There are three primary layers of your paint. The primer, the base coat, and last but not least, the clear coat. This service is useful when the base coat is compromised. The base coat is the specific color of your vehicle. We need the paint prior to completing this service. Feel free to contact us and we’ll show you where you can find the paint code for your make and model.

What to expect

This is service is not going to look like the panel was completely repainted. Depending on the damage, we may even consider you not to do the service at all. There are many variables when it comes to touch up paint application. Our goal with this service is to make it look a bit better than it did before, but by no means, perfect. Results will vary greatly depending on the starting condition. 

Mobile servicing

We come to you. Unlike the body shop, we can apply touch up paint at any location. We’ll repair your panel from the convenience of your home!

Touch-up paint required by customer for this service

Note: We do require the customer to source the touch-up paint prior to scheduling the service. The paint can be acquired by locating the touch-up code or by contacting your nearest dealership to look up the color with the vehicle’s VIN. 

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