Decal installation and Debadging

What is the service?

Stickers and badges have been a common way to accent vehicles since the 50’s. Racing stripes, golden plated model names, engine displacement symbols, decals of all kinds. Whether you want to remove the OEM badges to give you a minimal “stealth” look or you’re wanting to replace ones that are damaged, this service will appeal to you. 

Not purely costmetic

These accents are attached to very specific adhesives. Just like your skin, the glue beneath the sticker or badge absorbs the radiation and heat from the sun. When the decals begin to crack, the leftover glue in combination with the sun’s intense UV rays begins to add damage to the surface of your car. This can cause damage to the clear coat, decreasing the durability when compared to areas that are not covered by the industrial-grade glue. The plastics as well can become discolored or even worse, begin to bond with the adhesive and disfigure the surface. 


This is a very precise procedure. We start by heating up the sticker or badge with either a heat gun or steam (differing surfaces calls for different methods). Followed by removing the leftover adhesive with a plastic razor blade, rotary eraser, and intermittently adding heat if required. Then the surface is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated to become prepped for an isolated paint correction to remove the minor marring and potential water etching or “shadowing”. 


Per Decal

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