Paint correction

Restore your car's paint to as new or better!

Paint correction (also known as buffing or polishing) is a process of removing or refining defects in your paint. This means reduction or removal of scratches, acid rain, tree sap, paint transfer from a minor collision, bird drop etching, you name it! 

Normal wear and tear

Why do older cars on the road look dull and tired? The short answer is normal wear and tear. In most cases, vehicles are not professionally maintained. Improper washing and drying creates micro scratches, causing the exterior of your car to lose its initial sheen and appear muddier over time. Drive-thru car washes can actually expedite this process. Whether you’ve purchased a secondhand car that has been heavily neglected, or your vehicle has simply seen better days due to the coin car wash, there are processes we use to restore its former glory. 

The process

“Paint correction” ranges from hand buffing a scuff to block sanding each square inch of your car. Technically anyone can do it, but only the skilled have the years of expertise to preserve the integrity of your paint, saving you money in the long run. Our results are achieved with a wide array of orbital machines, cutting pads, polishes, sandpaper, towels, and lights. To begin we must:

  • complete a full exterior wash service
  • clay bar exterior painted surfaces
  • decontaminate the paint with iron remover
  • mask off all plastic trim to ensure it’s protected in the polishing process
  • prep and prime all sandpaper, cutting pads, and machines
  • wetsand the heavy defects most likely not to be repaired during the compounding phase
  • compound buff 1’x1′ sections panel per panel
  • inspect each section with a handheld light
  • with a separate pad, jewel polish and refine areas to remove hazing caused by the compounding buffing process
  • inspect each section with a handheld light
  • protect final product with a wax or sealant

This process can take anywhere from 4 to 40 hours of labor depending on condition and the desired results. This service requires a LOT of time, energy, and precision to be done effectively. We ensure no short cuts are taken and guarantee your satisfaction. Because this service calls for a lot of variables, more information is required to give an accurate estimate. Email us pictures and inquiries here.

Paint correction in northern va

Wet sanding process

bad exterior paint polishing
exterior paint polishing 50-50
exterior paint polishing result
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