Car Detailing Cost Calculator

How much does it cost to have your car professionally detailed?

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In short, the answer is dependant on size, condition, and what options you’d like. The calculator below provides a rough estimate of our services that we provide at Autodetail DMV.  You can always opt to do less or choose to do more.

We recommend our top exterior Full Wash & Wax package for those who not only want to keep their car clean but also provide your asset with long-lasting shine and longevity.

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Please note that the purpose of this calculator is to provide a better ballpark estimate and is not to be submitted at the fixed price displayed.

Our Full Interior Detail package will be priced upon the technician’s inspection.

Paint correction results and pricing will vary depending on the starting condition of the vehicle’s clear coat.  

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the condition or size of your vehicle. 

Immediate service area

Down below is a list of areas we frequently service. If you don’t see your city, no worries! Anywhere nearby these places apply. Contact us if you want to know if we service your city. 

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