Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

What Parts of Fairfax county do you service?

Autodetail DMV – Fairfax Mobile Car Detailing currently services, Fairfax city, Mclean, Great Falls, Arlington, Centerville, Bethesda MD, Washington DC, and surrounding areas. If you want to know if we can come to your area, contact us!

Do I have to make an appointment?

90% of the time appointments are required to schedule a service. Given the current work volume, same-day service is not likely. 

Do I have to be present for the entire detail or only when you are finished?

It is completely up to you. Often, it benefits our customers to be present to show in person demonstration and examples of defects or issues with your vehicle. But if you would like to carry on doing other tasks, we can detail your car contactless!

Can I get my car detailed at my place of work?

If it’s okay with your office parking lot and there is adequate room to work, then there is no issue having us detail at your job. Just make sure it’s allowed! 

Can I drop off my car?

Currently, we are an entirely mobile based business with no physical location.

Do you accept cards?

Yes, we accept cards and other forms of electronic payments.

Is there a mobile fee?

No. We do not charge a mobile fee if you are within our immediate service area. The only contingency depending on distance (outside of service area) is that we may require a higher dollar service depending on how far you are from us.

Interior Detail FAQ

How long does it take to clean my interior?

There are many factors dependent on the size, service package, and condition of the vehicle. On average, a full interior detail service will take 2-4 hours. Sometimes more sometimes less.

Will my car smell like chemicals once you’re done?

Never. There will be zero traces of any smell other than a clean car. The products we use are not only safe for your vehicle but safe for our detailers to use on a daily basis.

What’s your cleaning process?

Our cleaning process consists of using a wide array of brushes, pH safe chemicals, steamer attachments, crevice tools, and high level attention to detail. We use specific products for specific surfaces such as leather, carpet, glass, paint, hard plastics, vinyl, wood trim, and more. We inspect our work when finished, and if you’d like, we’ll go over it with you!

How long does it take for the seats to dry?

This is completely dependent on the weather conditions. If the seats and carpet are heavily soiled, more hot water extraction is required. On a hot summer day, the average amount of time it takes for seats to be dry to the touch is about three hours. Expect to wait a lot longer when it is cold outside.

Are you able to remove every stain?

We will certainly try! There are some stains that will not completely come out. However, we have yet been able to encounter a stain that we could not minimize to some degree. We have an intensive cleaning process that will surprise you! Take a look at our results.

Do you repair upholstery?

We do not do any stitching, repainting, or repairing. Just procedural reconditioning.

Do you remove seats to get underneath them?

We do not remove the seats. Our tools allow us to work around the seat rails to reach the carpeted nooks and crannies.

Do you treat mold?

This is dependent on the condition. We treat mild mildew but cannot service vehicles that have dangerous amounts of matured mold. In most cases, we’ve found we can help to eliminate the mildew caused by sunroof leaks and the sorts if addressed in a timely manner. Followed by an Ozone treatment. 

Do you do pet hair removal?

Yes. Removing pet hair is included in our Full Interior Detail service on the higher end of the price range. 

Exterior FAQ

How long does it take to wash my car?

This is dependent on the size, condition, and service package. For a family sedan, the average time it takes for us to perform a full wash is one hour

Will you remove any scratches?

If possible yes. Scratch repair is priced per scenario. For more information on our process look at our paint correction service.

Will the wax process remove scratches from my paint?

Wax will not remove any scratches but they will appear less visible due to the gloss property of the wax.

How long does the wax last?

This is dependent on the frequency of use and how harsh the outside elements are. Sunny days and frequent driving allow for a bit more than a month of good protection. While a car that is garaged and is driven a few times a month will allow for about three months of durability. We also have paint sealants that allow for more protection and longevity.

Do you clay bar the paint?

If needed yes. The clay bar process is included in our full exterior wash as well as our wash and wax service.

What does “decontaminating the paint” mean?

Decontaminating the paint is a phrase used for prepping the paint. In most cases, it’s simply claying the surface or using iron removers to remove the road matter embedded in the clear coat. Decontaminating the paint is essential prior to buffing or polishing.

What does wax actually do?

The purpose of wax is to add a protective layer or a “shield” to your vehicle’s paint. What wax does is fills in all the macro and microscopic abrasions that occur on the surface of your vehicle through normal use. This is akin to “moisturizing” your skin after a bath, leaving our car’s “skin” vibrant, supple, and protected from the Sun’s harsh UV rays.

My paint looks murky, can you fix that?

Yes! We are proficient at reducing scratches and improving paint gloss. Leaving your car shinier than you bought it!

I’ve scratched my car trying to attach skis to my roof rack, do I have to repaint my car now?

Most likely not. Our touch-up process is less than one-tenth of the cost of a respray, but will give you 90% of the same results!

What happens when I don’t wash my car regularly?

Your car is not an exception to everyday upkeep. Just like going to the dentist, procrastination on having your car serviced can lead to issues, such as acidic bird drop etching, hard to remove tree sap, oxidized headlights, baked on brake dust, clogged drainage channels, and in the worst cases, clear coat failure.

Can I take my car into an automatic car wash after you detail it?

We strongly advice you not to use a spinning brush automated car wash. This will lead to additional scratching and marring over time. Hand washing is the safest way to clean your car.

Will detailing my car help during the winters with road salt?

Yes. We apply hydrophobic dressing to the tires, trim, and inner fender wells to aid your vehicle in wicking away salt that might otherwise  stick around longer. In addition, applying wax will provide the same purpose on the painted areas, giving your car a fighting chance during the winter.  Ask about our winter protection package.

How often should I detail my car?

This is dependent on the frequency of use. At a minimum, it is important to detail all the door jambs and drainage channels once a year to prevent matter build up and corrosion if your vehicle is parked outdoors. Most of our customers tend to have their car waxed twice a year.

Can you wash my car in the cold?

In most cases yes. Until it gets below forty degrees, we will not be able to service your car without a garage. It doesn’t have to be heated, just enclosed.

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