Professional Car Detailing Services Near Me?

We come to you! - Mobile Detail

Here at Autodetail DMV, we provide the same extravagant results provided by top tier detail shops, without the tremendous hassle of having to drop off your vehicle. Often, these busy shops will have you waiting multiple days for your car. Why waste your valuable time? We commute to you and service your vehicle on the spot, with the same mesmerizing results!

If this sounds appealing to you, look no further! We’re convenient, hassle-free professionals. 


Cities we service

Down below is a list of areas we frequently service. If you don’t see your city, no worries! Contact us if you have questions. 

Services that provide a 'Night and Day' difference!

Our “most bang for your buck” services are

Full Interior Detail: Every square inch of the cabin is addressed. Upholstery, air vents, floor mats, carpeting, door panels, shifter, steering wheel, headliner, center console, and everything else.

The goal of this service is to restore your interior to the best condition possible! 

Paint Enhancement (1-Step Polish): Has your vehicle lost its luster since the day you first bought it? Are you interested in permanently restoring the exterior of your car? Autodetail DMV – Mobile Car Detailing offers comprehensive polishing packages. Contact us for a free estimate! 

Headlight Restoration: We remove oxidation and repair UV damage to your headlights, providing you a “night and day” difference to allow for a safer and easier driving experience when operating your headlights.

Full Exterior Wash: This service will give your exterior the ultimate refresh. We’ll remove as much brake dust as possible from your wheels and brake calipers. We’ll get into all the nooks and crannies. Most importantly, we’ll clean out all the door and trunk jambs to allow for optimal weather drainage, giving you the best shot at preventing rust or interior water leaks, and saving you future headaches! 

This service is best suited for those who do not wash their car very often or want a more in-depth service. It also includes a moderate clay bar treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a mobile fee?

No. The only contingency is that you are within our immediate service area. 

Can you come out today or is this by appointment only?

95% of the time an appointment is required. This will depend on location, type of service, size of vehicle, and scheduling, same day services are uncommon for full packages. 

How long do the details take?
It depends on the service and the condition your car is in. On average, a typical interior service will take 2 hours, and a typical exterior service will take 1.5 hours.

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