Ceramic Coating Northern Virginia

What are ceramic coatings?

A Ceramic Coating is a protective layer that chemically bonds to the surface of many materials, including all the painted surfaces, exterior plastic trim, and glass. The first benefit is that it is a semi-permanent layer of protection. The durability of a Ceramic Coating can last anywhere from 2-6 years depending on the coating, cure time, and number of layers applied. Because a ceramic coating is semi-permanent, this saves you time and money because you don’t have to reapply your coating after just a few months like a standard wax you buy at the auto parts store.

Ceramic Coating in Northern Virginia installation process

At this time, Autodetail DMV exclusively does mobile ceramic coating installations. Mobile installation requires a specific work environment. Outdoor variables include humidity, temperature, pollen, wind, and light. To increase the efficaciousness of your coating, access to a garage during the curing process is highly recommended. With each ceramic coating, at a minimum, a light paint correction is required for optimal coating adherence. 

northern va ceramic coatings

Why ceramic coatings are awesome

Ceramic coatings provide many benefits. A coating can make your car scratch and fingerprint resistant, easier to clean, protect against corrosion, harsh sun exposure, and protects your vehicle from the day to day traffic film such as motor oil, radiator fluid, brake dust, industrial chemicals that come off of tankers and the like. These substances are kicked up on to vehicles on the road each day.

2 Year Ceramic Coatings


– Saves money by protecting against defects and light marring
– Eco friendly
– Keeps car clean and shiny longer by repelling dirt and mud
– Professional installation
– Rust protection
– UV blocker and better durability for rain
– Makes car easy to clean due to hydrophobic property
– Lasts a long time with proper maintenance (using pH-neutral soap for washes) – No need to continually wax your car every three months.
– Protects investment by “sealing” car’s condition and gloss
– Creates a smooth Candy-Like mirror reflection similar to show cars
– Protects against door impact
– Effortless snow removal

Ceramic coating FAQ

Frequently asked questions for ceramic coating installation in Northern Virginia.

Do you need a garage to apply a coating?

While it would benefit you and the technician to have access to a garage, it is not 100% necessary. A garage allows for an improved coating bond and will therefore increase the overall longevity of the coating when parked in a garage for 24 hours. 

When should you not apply a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are designed to seal the condition of your car’s clear coat. A ceramic coating would not be a good investment if you frequently use the automatic tunnel wash or if the vehicle’s exterior has major defects that are beyond repair. 

How do you maintain a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are maintained by using pH-neutral car wash soap. This is important as the chemical make-up of the surfactants used in many car wash products will very quickly strip the integrity of the ceramic coating, rendering the coating ineffective. 

Will water and dirt always bead off until the coating expires?

Just like any protection you install on your car, it will gradually degrade over time. Ceramic coatings are the most robust method to protect the condition of your vehicle’s exterior aside from installing paint protection film (PPF).

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