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Just like the paint on your car, your headlights are a victim to the intense UV rays radiated by the Sun. Overtime, this causes the primary protection (the clear coat) to become compromised. Failing to upkeep the plastic headlight housing can lead to oxidation (yellowing) and eventually, cracking. 

Here at Autodetail DMV we ensure to refurbish your headlights to their initial glory, reviving transparency that was once lost, allowing light to refract clearly, providing safer, and easier driving at night. 

What's included

  • Clean plastic headlight housing
  • Claybar the surface to pick up fine contaminants
  • Wet sand headlight housing from 1000 grit-3000 grit
  • Compound sanding marks
  • Polish the compound haze for optimal clarity
  • Prep surface to remove polishing oils
  • Seal with 3M Headlight clearcoat to prevent future Sun oxidation


Per set

oxidized foggy headlight
headlight restoration fairfax va
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