Mobile Clay Bar Treatment Service

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, clay treatments are one of the most important things you can do. Your average neighborhood car wash won’t do much to get rid of dirt and grime on your car. In fact, car washes often leave contaminants on your vehicle’s surface. That’s where our clay bar treatments come in.

Our team of car detailing professionals at Autodetail DMV offer top-notch clay bar treatments that effectively remove these harmful compounds from your vehicle. We are a mobile car detailing company and will come to your location. 

Once you receive your clay bar treatment, you’ll be amazed at how dramatically different your car will look. Not only will your paint have a deep, rich shine, but it’ll also be smooth and slick to the touch.

What is a Clay Bar Treatment?

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A clay bar treatment in car detailing involves using a specially formulated piece of clay to remove contaminants from the surface of a vehicle’s paint. This process is done after washing and before waxing or polishing the car. 

The treatment helps to restore the smoothness of the paint surface by eliminating roughness caused by contaminants. This results in a cleaner and shinier finish, as well as improved paint clarity and depth. By using a clay bar, car detailers can achieve a showroom-quality finish by removing imperfections that washing alone cannot address. 

It is a non-abrasive method that is safe for all types of paint finishes when done correctly. The clay bar treatment is recommended periodically to maintain the appearance and integrity of the vehicle’s paintwork.

What Vehicles Need a Clay Bar Treatment? 

Daily commuter vehicles that have not received regular maintenance or detailing may benefit from a clay bar treatment. Over time, dirt, dust, and other pollutants can accumulate on the paintwork, creating a layer of grime that cannot be removed through regular washing alone. 

Vehicles that have been parked or driven in areas with heavy pollution, construction sites, or near industrial facilities. These environments often expose vehicles to airborne contaminants such as pollution particles, brake dust, tar, and tree sap, which can adhere to the paintwork and create a rough texture.

Vehicles that have been subjected to road trips or long-distance driving may also require a clay bar treatment. The extended exposure to various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and intense sunlight, can cause contaminants to bond to the vehicle’s surface, leading to a dull and lackluster appearance.

It is important to note that a clay bar treatment is suitable for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats. Whether it is a daily commuter vehicle or a cherished classic car, the clay bar treatment can help restore the vehicle’s shine and protect its paintwork from further damage.

3 Ways to Know if Your Vehicle Needs a Clay Bar Treatment


  1. Feel for bumps: Firstly, examine the paintwork closely and check for any rough or bumpy texture. If you run your hand over the surface and feel any contaminants or tiny bumps, it’s a clear sign that your vehicle could benefit from a clay bar treatment. These contaminants can include dirt, grime, tree sap, road tar, and even industrial fallout that have bonded to the paint over time.
  1. Inspect appearance: If you notice that the paint has lost its shine and appears dull or lackluster, it could be due to the accumulation of contaminants on the surface. These contaminants not only affect the visual appeal of your vehicle but can also hinder the effectiveness of any wax or sealant you apply. A clay bar treatment will help remove these contaminants, restoring the glossy finish and allowing any subsequent protective products to adhere better.
  1. Consider the age and maintenance history of your vehicle: If it has been a while since you last performed a clay bar treatment or if you have recently purchased a used vehicle with an unknown maintenance history, it’s a good idea to include this treatment in your detailing routine. Over time, contaminants can build up on the paint surface, especially if the vehicle has been exposed to harsh environmental conditions or hasn’t received regular care. By incorporating a clay bar treatment, you can effectively remove these contaminants and rejuvenate the appearance of your vehicle, leaving it looking fresh and well-maintained.

Our Process 

  1.  To begin, our skilled technicians thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle to remove any loose dirt or debris. This step ensures that the clay bar can effectively remove any embedded contaminants without causing any damage to the paintwork.
  1. Once the vehicle is clean and dry, our technicians carefully knead the clay bar to soften it and make it pliable. They then apply a lubricant, such as a detailing spray or soapy water, to the surface of the vehicle. This lubricant acts as a barrier between the clay bar and the paint, preventing any potential scratching.
  1. With the clay bar and lubricant ready, our technicians gently glide the clay bar across the surface of the vehicle. They use light pressure and work in small sections, ensuring that they cover the entire surface. The clay bar effectively picks up any contaminants, such as tree sap, tar, or industrial fallout, that have bonded to the paint.
  1. As our technicians work their way around the vehicle, they regularly inspect the clay bar to ensure it remains clean. If the clay bar becomes dirty or saturated with contaminants, they will knead it to expose a fresh, clean surface. This ensures that the clay bar continues to effectively remove contaminants without causing any damage.
  1. Once the vehicle has been completely clayed, we’re ready to apply the paint sealant. The paint sealant will be applied directly to the newly cleaned vehicle’s surface. We’ll use a 6-month paint sealant on the vehicle’s freshly cleaned surface using a microfiber pad. We apply the paint sealant to the painted surface of the vehicle in a cool shaded area, allow the sealant to cure for 5 minutes, then buff off the paint sealant using a soft microfiber plush towel. Now, you’re good to go for 6 months!

Benefits of a Clay Bar Treatment Service

shiny car clay bar treatment

Removes Stubborn Contaminants: A clay bar treatment is an essential step in car detailing that involves using a specially formulated clay bar to remove contaminants from the surface of the vehicle. This process is highly effective in removing stubborn dirt, grime, and other impurities that cannot be eliminated through regular washing. The clay bar is gently rubbed over the paintwork, effectively pulling out any embedded particles and leaving the surface smooth and clean.

Restores Car Exterior: It helps to restore the shine and luster of the vehicle’s paintwork by removing any surface contaminants that may be dulling its appearance. This is particularly important for older cars or those that have been exposed to harsh environmental conditions. By eliminating these impurities, the clay bar treatment enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.

Prepares Car Exterior Surfaces for Optimal Results:  a clay bar treatment also prepares the surface of the car for other detailing procedures such as polishing or waxing. By removing contaminants, the clay bar ensures that these subsequent steps are more effective and long-lasting. It creates a smooth and clean canvas for the application of polish or wax, allowing them to adhere better and provide a more even finish. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the vehicle but also provides a protective layer against future damage from environmental factors.

I've always detailed my own cars myself and used to do this as a side hustle in the past. That being said; if I was going to have someone else detail my car, I was going to make sure their work and reviews looked high quality. I decided to have a full interior and exterior detail on my car in addition to sealant and a polish job. I think the photos speak for themselves but I was very satisfied and impressed with all aspects of the service from Erick. Punctuality, communication, quality of services, and costs for offerings. I would 100% recommend him to anyone; whether you are looking for touch up wash, or a full on detail and paint correction; you will NOT be disappointed!

Brett Gottuso
From Oakton
September 30, 2021

The service was fantastic. I had my car detailed in anticipation of proposing to my (now) fiancée. He arrived right on time at my work and had everything finished just in time for me to leave at the end of the day. Amazing quality, and he went above and beyond! Totally worth it, and would do it again.

Patric Buchroeder
From Fairfax
March 9, 2022

Erick had world class customer service and did an amazing job on fixing the scratches in my car. He was quick, efficient and cost efficient. He came right to my house and performed the work. Highly recommend

Kristen Spotz
From Chantilly
March 20, 2022

Erick and his team did a fantastic job on the interior of my husband’s large SUV! It needed some serious TLC and they were able to have it looking as close to brand new as possible. Booking was quick and easy and they were very responsive. 10/10 highly recommended. Thank you so much Erick and team!

Jennifer Squirewell
From Centreville
July 10, 2022

My car needed some TLC after several years of neglect and a recent collision repair. Erick applied his deep knowledge of paint and interior materials to help me choose the highest value services, and then executed them with great care.

Sourav Mandal
From Fairfax
June 26, 2022

Auto Detail DMV rocked the full detailing and paint repair for my 17-year-old car. Highly recommend—solid communication and deeply knowledgeable of the craft. Whatever you need to read here to convince you to give them a shot, pretend you’re reading it now.

Nathaniel Axios
From Washington DC
August 1, 2022

Great job on our 2 cars! They sparkled when he was done. I found Erick’s service online, not a referral, so I was a bit hesitant. Glad we took a chance on this enterprising young man! Erick gave me prices upfront with the caveat that he may need to adjust when he saw the cars. One didn’t need interior detailing and the other just needed minor interior cleaning, to include removing some light blue jean bluing from the drivers seat. He adjusts his prices based on the work needed; not a “one price fits all” like car washes. He did not try to up-sell us services. We will definitely use him for our cars again and again.

Iris Hall
From Mclean
August 19, 2021

I am very happy I hired Erick for washing and detailing my wife's car. The car came out looking great and it was conveniently done at our home. It was not hard to get a convenient appointment. But most importantly Erick is a very friendly and hardworking guy who cares about a job well done. He is very easy to work with. I highly recommend!

Micha Joffee
From Fairfax
November 7, 2021

I had not used a mobile detailing service before and had read about other people's bad experiences with some firms. However my dealings with Erick were straightforward and very professional. HIs services were clearly listed on the website as well as in the proposal, and it was easy to make an appointment and communicate via text and email. Erick arrived at exactly the promised time and met a schedule constraint that I had. The car (large SUV) looked great and Erick also pointed out some minor scratches that he could repair in the future if I acquired a paint kit from Toyota. All in all a very satisfying first experience and I will consider his services again on my other vehicles.

Don Sutherland
From Fairfax
June 3, 2022

Erick was extremely professional and prompt in the initial communication and was very happy to answer all my questions and doubts. On the day of the appointment he was extremely punctual and he a did a fantastic job of detailing the interiors of my car. Before the service there was lots and lots of pet hair in the car and whilst I expected them to be taken care of, what I finally got was more than I had expected. I would strongly recommend Erick for car detailing. He is also very flexible and reasonably priced.

Janak Desai
From Herndon
June 1, 2020

Erick was extremely professional and prompt in the initial communication and was very happy to answer all my questions and doubts. Erick did a great job detailing my vehicle! It had been a while since I'd gotten my car cleaned and it was not in the best condition. Erick told me it's take about 2 - 3hrs to finish the job and he was right on target. My car looks brand new and smells great. He took out strains I thought would never come out of my car and has a good eye for detail on what needed to be done. Would definitely recommend and would definitely hire again for another detailing.

Dominique Cytryn
From Mclean
September 3, 2020

Erick was extremely professional and prompt in the initial communication and was very happy to answer all my questions and doubts. Erick did a fantastic job! My husband’s truck was difficult to drive because it was such a mess 🙂 The typical mess from a large dog, hiking, fishing, road trips, etc. We traded vehicles for a bit and I immediately scheduled a detail. 90% of the dog hair is gone. There’s no evidence of dirt or grime. Every inch of the interior is clean! I can drive to work without fear of being covered in dog hair now! Erick was friendly, on time, efficient and professional! I will certainly use Erick again in the future.

Tisha Moon
From Centreville
May 3, 2021

Erick was extremely professional and prompt in the initial communication and was very happy to answer all my questions and doubts. With being a Mom of two, and one on the way. I needed my vehicle detailed very badly. We are always on our way to some sort of sports so we literally live in our vehicle some weeks. It was a wreck. Erick came and saved the day. He did AMAZING! My carpets were shampooed as well as the seats. He was able to clean the center console and it looked BRAND NEW. He even detailed the third row seating! Overall, my husband and I were so impressed we're gonna get the rest of our vehicles done by him as well. Very thankful for Erick's help with this nesting Mama 🙂

From Fairfax
February 8, 2022

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